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27 November 2008


After installing Webmin via the package manager, I ran 'webminsetup' and tried to access the new http://serveris:10000/ but it kept saying my password was wrong.

I found Jignesh's tip and got it working.

Specifically, I reran webminsetup and chose all the defaults
# su - root
# cd /etc/webmin
# vi miniserv.users
vi -- copied the first bit from the password file (ie: 'malachi:x:101') to the end of the file
# vi webmin.acl
vi> yyp
vi -- change the second 'root' to 'malachi'
# exit
# svcadm restart webmin

http://serveris:10000/ now works :)


  1. It's actually quite easier to set root's password with the following command:

    /usr/sfw/lib/webmin/ /etc/webmin root PASSWORD

    No restarts needed.