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19 November 2008


I had installed the packages but could not get a ZFS folder to share via SMB. The service was in maintenance mode, and it kept complaining about it not being loaded into the kernel. I tried add_drv, but that complained that it was already added.

Rebooting managed to enable the service.  Next, when I ran the cifs-chkcfg script, it said I need to run this (as root):
echo other password required nowarn >> /etc/pam.conf

Running it again, it said:
/var/smb/smbpasswd does not exist or it is empty
passwd must be used to create CIFS-style password for local users

Hmm, but I don't really want to be in workgroup mode anyways. Let's follow these instructions and change that and join the domain....

'failed to find any domain controllers for __insert_anything_I_tried_here__'

hmmm, will have to come back to this

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