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21 February 2007

Belkin F1DE208C

Well, we got the room rearranged, rack moved, and setup the new KVM...

Unfortunately, it doesn't appear to work. Both 2x7-segment LEDs say "88" and the rest of the lights are randomly flashing...

I would look up the error code, but the manual has nothing, the website has nothing, and I am not finding anything on Google. Guess I will have to talk with Belkin support tomorrow.

Good thing I have the laptop.

16 February 2007


Consider running Nagios, probably in Xen, unless I'd rather have an appliance.


Consider whether to use the Solaris version of Asterisk or Linux version (either way, it will be running in Xen)

05 February 2007

New Hardware Purchased

Well, temporarily giving up on the iSCSI drives being an economical option, I decided to go ahead and build a standard run-of-the-mill server... Here's the specs of what we ordered:

Asus L1N64-SLI WS
2x AMD FX-70
Thermaltake VA8004BWS
Thermaltake HardCano 13
2x Kingston KVR667D2E5K2/2G
Thermaltake 850Watt W0131
going to use an existing space nVidia 6600GT
2x Hitachi Deskstar T7K500 250GB Serial ATA II (mirrored boot)
5x Hitachi Deskstar T7K500 250GB Serial ATA II (raidz2 data)
2x Addonics AE5RCS35NSA
NEC Black Floppy (memtest86, hitachi drive tool, etc etc)
going to use an existing dual layer burner
Belkin 1500VA/1000 joules UPS

We're also upgrading the KVM:
Belkin F1DE208C
3x Belkin F1D9400-06 (for machines on the rack)
1x Belkin F1D9400-25 (for docking station on the desk)

Still need to grab a Cat6 cable from PCHCables when we get a chance to run out to Hillsboro.

Plan is to run OpenSolaris as Xen dom0, then host all Xen domU via locally shared ZFS NFS directory...

01 February 2007