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21 January 2009

Python 2.5 breaks OpenSolaris menus

In the last week, some of my menu icons (like 'Main Menu') had stopped working. Since they wouldn't launch, I couldn't determine what the problem was. Since the right-click didn't have a properties, I couldn't even determine what it was trying to do.

From a command line, run 'alacarte'.  That complained about missing libraries for Python. Looking at the system, I could see that there was a recent upgrade from Python 2.4 to Python 2.5.

The correct solution was probably to import all of the libraries... but I didn't care about that. I had only upgrade Python in an effort to get some of the other apps to compile...

So I moved /usr/bin/python to /usr/bin/broken-python and re-symlinked /usr/bin/python2.4 to /usr/bin/python.

Now all the apps work again.

09 January 2009

Installing git

gzip -dc git-1.6.1.tar.gz | tar xvfp -
pfexec mkdir /opt/git-1.6.1
pfexec chmod 777 /opt/git-1.6.1 [probably not really necessary]
cd git-1.6.1
./configure --prefix=/opt/git-1.6.1
pfexec make install
pfexec chmod 755 /opt/git-1.6.1 [again probably not really necessary]
vi ~/.bashrc
add: export PATH=$PATH:/opt/git/bin
login to new terminal:
git --version