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19 February 2010


So I woke up the other day and the server was making a LOT of noise.  My first thought was that it was a fan going out [still think it is actually], so I tried 'fmadm faulty'.  I was hoping to see something telling me which of the 8 fans were dying.  Instead, I see that I was in the midst of a zpool failure.
Checking 'zpool status' I was able to verify that one of the disks had died.  I'm running raid-z2, so it isn't like it was a hectic problem to solve... but I learned long ago it is better to fix it now than to wait until a couple more die.

Normally, you would have to go buy a replacement disk.  Luckily for me, this Asus box never did recognize the last 3 drive bays.  Counting across (there are 10 hot-swap SATAII drives -- want to make sure to pop the right one) I took a guess which one was failing and which ones were not currently in use.  Luckily I was right.

Now, the "new" drive already had data on it because it used to be part of the root mirror before I upgraded them to larger drives.  That being said, I was a little confused when the new drive wasn't being recognized.

I found this page which helped dramatically.  'cfgadm' showed that drive '6/0' was not configured.  I ran 'cfgadm -c configure sata6/0'.  It now showed up, but it said it was 'unavail' and 'corrupted data'.  'zpool online' didn't work because of those errors.  Finally, I managed to get it to start working with 'zpool replace -f data c6t0d0'.  It took quite awhile for it to finally finish. 'fmadm faulty' still showed the fault but I was able to fix that with the zpool clear that it recommended.

I'm thinking I should hook up one of my woot-off lights to flash whenever fmadm faulty shows a failure...

09 February 2010

GXT: BorderLayout inside TabPanel

I had originally posted a bug in the GXT premium forum about BorderLayout not working inside a TabPanel.  To prove the point, I took the demo code directly from the site and put it verbatim inside a tab.

Since the post never showed up in the forum, I can't answer it myself so others know how to fix the problem... so it'll go here.

The BorderLayout code does the following:
Size size = target.getStyleSize();
int h = size.height;
b.y = h - totalHeight +;

Normally this would be fine.  However, when embedded within the TabPanel, I had used the following line from the Tab demo:

This is actually what was causing the problem.  With this set to true, the surrounding div didn't have an explicit height set and so was setting the y coordinate of the South region to 0-188+10.  Removing that one line caused everything to layout as expected.

05 February 2010

Oracle Kills Off Project Darkstar

Well, as we all expected, Oracle is not taking any time in ruining the Java platform.  The latest on the chopping block? Project Darkstar.  There goes at least 3 projects I had planned.