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30 January 2007

Plan shot down - looking at new plan

Well, it appears that there are not cheap iSCSI drives (or gigabit drive enclosures) out there. Sure there are NPWR and Adaptec, but both of those solutions are $700/drive.

Which is wierd, since cases are usually around $20 and the drives (250GB Samsung) were only $52 and the OS (NetBSD or Linux) is free...

I was looking at possibly making my own via mini-itx or something. Found iSCSI-SCSI bridges (only $1200)...

maybe it is time to make my own...? well, I would, but I really don't have the time to experiment right now... so I guess I once again have to get a larger server box up and running; then take my time designing my iSCSI solution (rotozip must like the enclosures)... And THEN design my nice small cool (as in temp) server....

In the meantime, got to figure out what to do... build new AMD-V machine (which isn't on Solaris HCL) or convert the last machine I bought (that has memory controller bugs and Asus lies all over it)

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