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15 January 2007

Chat with agent about Sun Try and Buy Products

Please wait while we find an agent to assist you.
You have been connected to Brenda Byrne.
Brenda Byrne: Welcome to Sun Microsystems. How may I help you?
Malachi de AElfweald: Try 2.
Brenda Byrne: Sorry about you getting pushed off a moment ago
Malachi de AElfweald: Hi Brenda. I have a question about Try and Buy products.
Brenda Byrne: Sure - go ahead!
Malachi de AElfweald: I am looking at replacing my server with one to run Solaris (or OpenSolaris), Raid-Z and Xen
Brenda Byrne: ok
Malachi de AElfweald: I assume that the Try and Buy products would all be 100% compatible with Solaris and OpenSolaris, correct?
Brenda Byrne: yes, of course
Malachi de AElfweald: How does the Try and Buy program work?
Brenda Byrne: You can simply receive one of the listed Sun machines on trial, no questions asked, for 60 days, with shipping costs provided by Sun, and at the end of the 60 days, or prior to then, make a choice to keep the machine....or buy it!
Brenda Byrne: Would you be trialing a machine on behalf of a company, or in a personal capacity?
Malachi de AElfweald: Company
Malachi de AElfweald: And do they come with the OS preloaded, or do I install it?
Malachi de AElfweald: Also, is there a subscription fee, or just a one-time cost to purchase?
Brenda Byrne: OS is preloaded
Brenda Byrne: there is a one-time cost to purchase the machines
Brenda Byrne: if I understand you correctly
Malachi de AElfweald: so, for example, it would come with... Solaris10? no subscription/support costs for it?
Brenda Byrne: Yes - they come with Solaris 10 - which is a free operating system anyway.
Brenda Byrne: But no, Solaris 10 customer support does not come provided with the machine
Malachi de AElfweald: available but not required?
Brenda Byrne: There is a fee for signing up to customer support for Solaris 10 (which is not required)
Brenda Byrne: Solaris 10 customer support fees start at $10 per month
Brenda Byrne: What kind of a machine are you thinking of trialing?
Malachi de AElfweald: kk. and is there a way to specify how we want it configured? ie: bootable RAID-Z
Brenda Byrne: yes
Malachi de AElfweald: ok. it all sounds pretty good. I guess at this point I just need to figure out which machine I want.
Malachi de AElfweald: is there anything else I should know?
Malachi de AElfweald: any requirements to qualify or anything?
Brenda Byrne: Nope...except that it is on behalf of your company, and is delivered to your company address
Brenda Byrne: What kind of applications would you test on it?
Malachi de AElfweald: That's fine.
Malachi de AElfweald: A year ago, a polish hacker wiped out our FreeBSD box. everything. multiple domains. I told the FBI, but they didn't even ask what the IP address was.
Malachi de AElfweald: So, I am looking at replacing that server with a new one.
Malachi de AElfweald: Expected usage is that it is going to be a Xen Dom0 and run each domain as a DomU.
Malachi de AElfweald: Primarily, I am a java developer - but that won't really matter since each domain will have its own OS
Malachi de AElfweald: Ok, I think I have all the information I need. Just need to try to decide which machine to go with.
Malachi de AElfweald: Thank you for your assistance.
Brenda Byrne: no problem.
Your session has ended. You may now close this window.

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