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10 June 2009

Firefox 3.5 and Java is not enabled

So I download the 3.5 Preview of Firefox (luckily the tarball rather than overwriting my working Firefox) and when I try to do just about anything:

The current version of Java on this system (0 - Java Not Enabled)
So haven't figured out yet how to fix this. Edit|Preferences says that it is enabled. The other version of Firefox (3.1) can run at the same time and Java is working on it...  Hope they iron that out soon.  Especially since that little attempt completely wiped out all my personal data in the 3.1 version (bookmarks, passwords, history, everything -- which by the way, REALLY sucks).

1 comment:

  1. I was able to fix the bookmarks by doing the following:

    1. Exit firefox
    2. ps -ef | grep firefox [until it seems to have tried to shutdown]
    3. pkill firefox [because #2 didn't shut down]
    4. firefox --profilemanager
    5. create a new profile
    6. log into the new profile
    7. bookmarks|organize
    8. import|restore|from file
    9. choose the ~/.mozilla/firefox/[otherprofile]/backupbookmarks/[latest]

    Done :)