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13 August 2010

Oracle kills OpenSolaris

I just have to wonder.  When Oracle is dead feasting on the dead Sun like a zombie; will there be anything left?  Do we even care anymore or do we move onto Life-After-Oracle by choosing a new OS platform, a new programming language, a new filesystem etc etc etc?


  1. This is bad news. I pity the people like Roland Mainz who founded the first community Opensolaris projects, the ksh93 integration and the POSIX utility modernisation projects, and spend the larger part of 4 years to plan and execute them and is now getting his work ruined by Oracle.

    On the bright side I see that Apple will pick up that work now. Nothing is better than having a competitor, i.e. Sun, to pay development and testing and then take over the glass shards Oracle created by shattering the Opensolaris projects and pick up one of the most valuable parts of it - for free.
    I bet Larry will vomit when he reads that.

  2. Illumos so far is the answer. I think it is good that Oracle killed OpenSolaris — now it will be a true open project, though a titanic work is required.

    Oracle will regret pretty soon they did that.