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12 April 2010

Et tu Java?

We all know that Sun employees are dropping like flies (either by quitting or being laid off with their entire teams)...  It seems that shortly after finding out that Kohsuke quit, we find out that James Gosling has quit as well.

Does anyone NOT fear the future of Java under Oracle's "leadership"?

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  1. We can worry only one thing: either Oracle will fund it with money, or not. Itself Java is open-source, so in a theory, nothing wrong with Oracle leadership, that actually does not really exists. However, in a practice, just having a source does not really means you're already can do anything, since efforts must be payed by somebody...

    Personally I don't worry much about Java. It will be here for a long time and Gosling said the same on his own new blog. I would more worry about OpenSolaris itself, but seems like Oracle made it another Fedora/RHEL, hence so far so good. Will see how their business will go.