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22 October 2009

Gnome-terminal just disappears after upgrading to snv_125

After upgrading today, I was unable to launch the terminal.  Let me correct that -- the window would come up, but before any text was displayed it would close.  I didn't see any error messages or logs or anything that indicated what the problem was.

Then I found bug #6892167.  To verify if that was my problem, I went up to "Applications | Run Application" and did 'gnome-terminal -e /bin/bash'.  It launched fine.

Confirmed, I followed the instructions in the workaround to the best of my ability.  The "old" copy of the libvte I had was 9.6.0, but it still appears to work.  Also, I was unable to unmount the old boot environment without forcing (-f) it.

All seems to work now.

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