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22 July 2009

Western Digital My Book World

So awhile back, I installed a My Book World onto the network. The other day I came home and the rings were spinning frantically and the drive was inaccessible.

I tried rebooting it, power cycling it, etc. No luck.

I contacted support. So far there has been 6 responses from Tech Support (which of course) started off with:
My apologies; I failed to notice you are using Linux.Western Digital technical support only provides jumper configuration and physical installation support for hard drives used in systems running the Linux/Unix operating systems. For setup questions beyond physical installation of your Western Digital hard drive, please contact the vendor of your Linux/Unix operating system.
Which of course is *really* helpful since it is a *Linux* NETWORK drive accessed via web browser and samba. Of course, I understand they aren't trained to understand that a browser or ping on a non-windows system is just as accurate as on a windows system, but...

Still no resolution. I am expecting they are going to tell me to RMA the drive -- but I have a lot of personal sentimental pictures and such on there that have no backups (as these were the backups to the Windows box that died)... No clue what I am going to do -- but since I seem to have to RMA every Western Digital device I buy (internal or external) maybe I should quit buying WD.


  1. Well they are telling me that I can RMA it... but data retrieval voids the warranty unless I go through specific companies. I'm not going to send honeymoon pics to a 3rd party so it looks like I have to void my warranty and try to fix it myself. I won't be buying any more WD products.

  2. Hi, I have myself a WD MyBook 2TB Mirror Edition (USB, not networked) connected to an Opensolaris box. By now I don't have any problem, and hope it will continue like this.

    I love the combination of drive redundancy provided by the MyBook and ZFS auto-snapshots provided by Opensolaris! that is why I choose the USB model and not the networked (with Linux inside and no ZFS).

    More at

  3. The new NAS came in and I have it on the network (empty of course).... now to figure out how to recover data from the old one without damaging what data is left on the drive.

    Looking at the new replacement though, now I find myself second guessing whether I have it as RAID0 or RAID1. I had thought it was two 500G drives mirrored... but evidentally it is 500G total; so I don't remember if I have it as 500G striped or 2x250G mirror. Damn.

    If only I had console access to see why it isn't working. It would suck if I hose the data because the network connection is failing (or something).