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22 April 2009


I've been thinking about setting up a continuous integration server for awhile. After doing some configuration of Cruise Control at work, I decided to try Hudson at home.

First things first... Virtualization? I decided I would rather have it virtualized if for no other reason than that dotster already had dns setup for one of my currently unused ips and I didn't want to wait for the ip change to propagate.

I can't run VirtualBox because I am running xVM and VirtualBox refuses to start if you are in xVM mode. I could run it in xVM... but I really don't like dedicating a large chunk of my memory to it... so zone it is.

malachi@serveris[0]:/data % pfexec zonecfg -z No such zone configured
Use 'create' to begin configuring a new zone.> create> set zonepath=/data/> set autoboot=true> add net> set address=> set physical=nge0> set defrouter=> end> verify> commit> exit

malachi@serveris[1]:/data % pfexec zoneadm -z install
/data/ must not be group readable.
/data/ must not be group writable.
/data/ must not be group executable.
/data/ must not be world readable.
/data/ must not be world executable.
could not verify zonepath /data/ because of the above errors.
zoneadm: zone failed to verify

malachi@serveris[1]:/data % pfexec chmod 700 /data/

malachi@serveris[1]:/data % pfexec zoneadm -z install

malachi@serveris[1]:/data % pfexec zoneadm -z boot

malachi@serveris[1]:/data % pfexec zlogin -C
(chose option 6 - xterms)
Host name for nge0:1 kallisti
Server's IP address:
Server's IP address:
Server's IP address:
pwd: ***********

malachi@serveris[1]:/data % pfexec zoneadm -z reboot
malachi@serveris[1]:/data % zoneadm list -v
malachi@serveris[1]:/data % pfexec zlogin

root@kallisti:~# svcadm disable autofs
root@kallisti:~# useradd -g staff -s /usr/bin/bash -c "Malachi de AElfweald" -m -P "Primary Administrator" malachi
root@kallisti:~# passwd malachi

malachi@serveris[1]:/data % pfexec vi /etc/hosts kallisti
but had to change this line to include java
<envvar name="'PATH'" value="'/opt/jdk1.7.0/bin:/usr/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/ccs/bin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/local/sbin:/usr/sfw/bin' />

couldn't have it create the zfs filesystem within the zone... but it was already on a zfs filesystem anyway, so no worries

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  1. oops, I didn't make it a whole-root zone. going to delete it and start over.