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24 March 2007

Server Built

Brett came by to help me get the server built yesterday. I have been waiting for Solaris 10 b60 (which has AMD-V support), but I am starting to seriously consider using b59 to install and then upgrading.

Only real problem with the build was that the Armor Extreme case had drive rails that got in the way of the Addonics drive cages... Brett managed to dremmel them out of the way.

On the left you will see 4 pictures... Yes, I resized it (Brett hates those 13MB photos), but you can still click on it to get a slightly larger photo.
The left images are with the doors open. The right images are with the doors closed.
The top images are with a flash (see detail) and the bottom without (see lights)...

Now to choose an installation medium :)


  1. I am envious of your massive silicon penis!

  2. I would just like to say that the 13MB files are difficult to download from my company address. they have it in their heads that 100 people can work fine on a 1.44MB T1 connection. And run a 30 person office on VOIP with that bandwidth. yes, I download emails at 5kb/sec. it sucks rocks.
    but Gmail and browsing is fine for 13MB pics, I have Fiber remember. muahahahaha.
    I still think Mal should install Linux for some FPS gaming on that beast. Half-life 2 supports 64-bit Linux gaming, come on you know you want to. :)